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Here is a list of all eleven episodes of BLACK MAGIC, hosted at

  • Episode Eleven

    When we left our heroic hooligans, a mighty cyclone had formed and was making its way towards them at Lake Michigan. Behold the thrilling conclusion!

  • Episode Ten

    When we left our incorporeal investigators at Mac’s office and makeshift laboratory, he and Oskar worked tirelessly through the night and into the morning on the amulet.

  • Episode Nine

    When we left our pair of paranormal policemen and the plucky pen jockey, they were perched above the Midway Plaisance, pointing out a potential problem.

  • Episode Eight

    When we left our men of mystery, they had arrived at the hospital to speak to Joe, only to find him running away in a big green angry fit!

  • Episode Seven

    When we left our ethereal examiners, they learned that the green beast was a witch named Ezmeralda. Her broken amulet was stolen and the attack from the previous night was her attempt to get it back. Meanwhile, the ruffian in question is lying in a hospital bed becoming very upset.

  • Episode Six

    When we left our metaphysical marshals, they met Oskar, Wizard of No Small Water, who explained that the green beast they were after was his wife, the Witch Ezmeralda.

  • Episode Five

    When we left our occult operatives, their discoveries led them to the slum cottages at the back of the Union Stockyards known locally as Packingtown. Mac’s compass began to spin wildly out of control as they approached one house in particular.

  • Episode Four

    When we left our bizarre band of bloodhounds, they met their man who was mauled by a monster. Frank has gone with Mac to his lab to find out what they can about the baffling blood left behind, and Mac has made a discovery.

  • Episode Three

    When we left our supernatural sleuths, they were meeting a man who was attacked by some kind of strange beast that was green!

  • Episode Two

    When we left our heroes, they decided to investigate the case of a brutal attack near the World’s Columbian Exposition that left a man barely alive. We join Matt and Mac the next day at the Chicago offices of the Supernatural Affairs Department, discussing the case with their boss, Rex Darren.

  • Episode One

    Capt. Matt Black and Dr. Andrew MacGillivray are a pair of paranormal private eyes hot on the trail of someone — or something — killing women during the raucous 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago. Stranger things are afoot however when their friend, L. Frank Baum, finds a man who was brutally attacked not far from the World’s Fair.

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